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Tympanic at mixing desk

I am Tympanic, otherwise known as Karime, an EDM Producer & DJ from the Northern Rivers of NSW.

The name Tympanic came from ‘Tympanic membrane’ which is the medical term for your eardrum and I thought since I’m deaf, that was very fitting!

My style of music is pretty heavy, mainly Dubstep, Trap and Drum & Bass. I also love Melodic Dubstep, Future Bass and Electronica.

I’m influenced by Virtual Riot, Myro, Oolacile, Excision, Samplifire, Figure, Getter, Barely Alive, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Funtcase, Seven Lions, Mr Fiji Wiji  and Illenium, Blackmill and many more.

I developed a huge passion for music when my uncle introduced me to DJing vinyl when I was 8 and I started to play around mixing vinyl with him. From there onwards my passion for music only grew bigger and wider! I taught myself to DJ using digital, with the help of my uncle and began DJing locally whilst still at school and on weekends and really enjoyed it.

I started to produce my own music in 2014 using an App on my ipad called Novation Launchpad and now I use Ablelton for production and many other awesome plug ins.

I’m currently studying a Diploma at SAE in Electronic Music Production which I’m loving! Last year I completed a Cert 3 in Music Industry at SAE and Cert 2 in IT Multimedia, animation and web design at TAFE.

I was recently a contestant in the 2017 Your Shot National DJ competition! It was a fantastic experience and I do over again if I could! Ive met so many great friends and connections through the unique process.

I love self – directed learning and have used many tutorials to learn as much as I have over the past 2 years. I have some great music mentors and creative people around me which inspire me and encourage me to grow and try new things.

I have great drive and determination to make sure I achieve my dreams.

There’s one piece of advice I was given by a really good friend of mine… “If you want something bad enough it will happen for you, and if it doesn’t, you never wanted it bad enough.”

I never forget that.